Mokki Click & Change

Mokki Click & Change


Click & Change is the groundbreaking result of many months of research and development in materials, lenses and ergonomic product geometry. A set of two pairs of sunglasses; BlueBlock for normal daily use and Polarized for outdoor use. Combined, they provide unmatched comfort and ultimate eye protection in any surroundings, weather or activity. The set enables the user to alternate between temple arms and an elastic headband according to activity. Total sun protection for young eyes!

Statement of the jury

Strong yet supple, featherweight and uncomplicated with an eye for detail, Mokki Click & Change seemingly provides a marvellous solution for protecting children’s eyes from the sun during outdoor activities. The provision of a simple click on system combines well with gentle lines and curves to present a sporty pair of sunglasses.


Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care