The Pronto is an innovative product that handles like a stroller but has a versatile bassinet body. The Pronto can be used as a bassinet, a cart, a double-stroller, a picnic table, and the ultimate travel nap system. With a high weight limit of 80 kg / 176 lb and various custom accessories, the Pronto can be used for many years and purposes. The fact that you can quickly and easily fold it up without removing any parts is an attractive quality. Also noteworthy is its multi-functional purpose, smooth handling and chic design.

Statement of the jury

Practical and stylish, the Pronto impresses as a hybrid stroller, cart and bassinet with easy handling and simple usability, even with heavy loads. Dual seating and ample space offer a wide variety of uses, whilst ensuring longevity while young children grow.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care