T01 Cross Chair

T01 Cross Chair


Cross Chair is an ambitious attempt at elevating an everyday object. The construction represents a simple and delightful design solution, with quality craftsmanship and sustainability as its guiding principles. Cross Chair was awarded The EU Ecolabel as well as the FSC® certification, addressing circular business loops and indicating that the highest environmental standards are met throughout its life-cycle.

Statement of the jury

The chair, made of certified wood, dazzles with its formally plain, classic design, which makes it absolutely timeless. As a result, it fits in with many different interiors. Furthermore, it is good value for money without this coming at the expense of quality. It is rather the result of a cleverly thought-out life cycle that already begins when the package with the parts leaves the factory. Since the parts are packed especially flat, the package only needs a little space, which has a positive effect on the mailing costs.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Medical Rehabilitation and Health Care




Pearson Lloyd