RAL Trendbox 2025+

RAL Trendbox 2025+


The RAL Trendbox 2025+ contains the 15 colours of the trend report RAL COLOUR FEELING translated into 5 materials: standardised RAL D6 Single sheets, plastic, metal, textile and carpet samples. It encourages experimentation with colour and material, inviting to create atmospheric, forward-thinking design. The trend report presents a colour profile of particular importance currently as well as in the future and supports concepts of well room & design quality in the long term.

Statement of the jury

The RAL Trendbox 2025+ impresses with careful color selection and material diversity. The selection of 15 colors from the RAL palette was perfectly coordinated and translated into 5 different materials and surfaces. The Trendbox invites designers to experiment with colors and materials and to develop future-oriented design concepts. The trend report on which this product is based provides a color profile of high relevance for both the present and the future, leading to the creation of long-lasting space and design solutions. The intensive research and trend forecasts that have gone into the development of the Trendbox are evidence of a deep engagement with color and design. This box thus becomes an extremely useful tool and pioneering aid for (industrial) designers, stimulating the creative use of colors for a more colorful living environment.


Excellent Product Design
Material and Surfaces