ICONIC freestanding bathtub

ICONIC freestanding bathtub


Indulge in a new perspective of crystal-clear bathtubs that engage impress all eyes fixed on you. More seductive sexy elegant wide-open full-length clear acrylic wall curved at the corner of the bathtub. With its long shape, it is comfortable to lie down & stretch out for best relaxation posture in an ultimate massage spa jet bathtub. Create a new bath space that feels like the external area, which creates limitless freedom with its clear view.

Statement of the jury

This bathtub features a glass wall that extends around a corner and that makes the freshness of the water visually palpable and creates a special bathing ambience. The glass wall also makes the tub look smaller than it actually is, thus making the bathroom seem more open and generously proportioned.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness