Berro Motion

Berro Motion


Berro Motion is an animation studio based in Brazil whose main purpose is to give life to crazy ideas in a very original way. »Berro« means »to shout« in Portuguese. We created a mutant visual identity that follows the brand mood in different situations, and can be brought to life when animated. Composed from the logotype and nine different symbols, a bright colour palette and optical illusion geometric patterns, the result in a high impact visual that emulates movement (even in print media).

Statement of the jury

The screaming letter »O« of the word »Berro« (Portuguese for »scream«) is witty and bold, thus making the logo arresting and endowing it with high recognition value. An original design that conveys the spirit of this animation studio with a fresh, youthful and snappy look and feel. A cool and relaxed presentation.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity