DRY Stuhl

DRY Stuhl


Designed for the contract market, DRY is a stylish chair with excellent seating comfort. The secret to its high comfort lies in the flexible polyurethane (PUR) shell. The straight and flat-looking shell surprisingly adapts to the shape of the body, providing support and comfort. Its soft-touch surface also contributes to good room acoustics and DRY’s minimalistic expression can easily match any architectural surroundings. The shell in its final form is carefully hand-finished by talented craftsmen.

Statement of the jury

With its surprisingly flat but flexible seat shell made of polyurethane integral foam with soft-touch surface and pleasant grip, the chair not only offers perfect sitting comfort, but also works as a sound absorber. In combination with the filigree leg construction, which consistently takes up the rectangular design language of the seat shell, the DRY chair takes on an almost graphic appearance, which is particularly impressive in silhouette. A multifunctional chair, which offers maximum sitting comfort but, with its clear lines and filigree body, is pleasantly unobtrusive in its surroundings.


Excellent Product Design
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