CWB 3 Klean!Star iQ

CWB 3 Klean!Star iQ


The gantry car wash CWB 3 Klean!Star iQ has numerous innovative equipment features and permits various designs. Intelligent adjustment of the K!Brush iQ side brushes to difficult vehicle contours results in optimum washing, and the K!Planet iQ ensures precise wheel rim cleaning. Brief drying times are made possible by the K!Dry iQ, which goes into the plough position with two swivelling nozzle bars during drying. The water-saving function reduces operating costs and saves resources.

Statement of the jury

The colour scheme of the modern high-tech car wash can be adapted to the client’s corporate design. The »iQ« in the name stands for intelligent vehicle cleaning and promises optimum results, even with difficult body shapes and designs, because the brushes follow the contour of the vehicle exactly.


Excellent Product Design