Hsu’s Promise

Hsu’s Promise


Hsu’s Promise is a locally well-known homemade food provider located in Yinnge, Taipei. The good reputation of their cuisine has been established for several years, and now the second generation, Hsu’s two sons, are trying to take the brand to another level by redesigning its identity. A chef is like an artist of flavour, so we choose to illustrate Hsu brothers as stylists using chopsticks instead of scissors. A retro western barbershop style is adopted to show the spirit of passion and boldness.

Statement of the jury

Stylish modernising of a traditional brand in retro design. Mama Hsu’s recipes for »golden kimchi« and salted pork from Taiwan are universally known. An English gentleman forms the image as a quality seal, which practically guarantees delicacies for the soul. Persuasiveness with humour for a delicious brand identity.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity