Aesthetic design meets classic forming technology. This new series of »steel joining plates« are used to reinforce special machine structures. Built using aluminium profile technology, they provide edge and corner protection all at once. Metal forming technology with forty per cent lower material usage was used to produce special shapes with a high bracing effect. The fasteners do not create any problematic bulges or contours, part of the high-quality design language used in all aspects of the product.

Statement of the jury

The innovative steel »gusset plate« series developed by item reinforces specialised machine attachments in aluminium profile technology and simultaneously protects edges and corners. The product is distinguished by a special form without disruptive contours, which facilitates strong bracing of the gusset plates while using forty percent less material. A sustainable solution for a new industry standard, combining interesting, independent aesthetics with classic forming technology.


Excellent Product Design


Dipl. Produkt-Designer Carsten Schulz
Anna Katharina Quadflieg
Dipl. Ing. Benedikt Weiss