City Transformer

City Transformer


City Transformer was born to free cities from the conquest of big cars, restore them back to people.

Big cars swallow urban areas for lanes and parking, while 80% carry a single person.

City Transformer is an adaptive EV that fits in with urban life and doesn't subjugate them.

It changes its width and riding behavior while driving, outwitting traffic & parking.

It enables the minimal environmental and physical footprint possible for an urban vehicle.

In narrow mode, it occupies an area of just 2.5m2.

Compared to full-sized electric vehicles, it is X2 more energy efficient, 75% smaller in weight and footprint, and saves 80% in battery weight.

Statement of the jury

The future of the automotive industry is electric. But most e-cars require just as much space to drive and park in the city as conventional combustion engines. The electric »City Transformer«, on the other hand, is designed to save space and proves this not only with its compact small size. It also surprises with the extraordinary ability to expand the width of its axles for more stable and safe road holding when driving faster. Conversely, the vehicle makes itself narrow again for parking. Despite the vehicle's diminutive size, the cockpit feels pleasantly spacious and offers plenty of driving comfort with state-of-the-art technical functions. The fact that the »City Transformer« is also a role model for sustainability makes it the perfect solution in urban traffic – whether for private or commercial use or as part of a sharing concept.


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