When someone thinks of a parliament, he thinks of the Plenary hall, "the room of decisions". The plenary hall of the Hessian Parliament is round, according to the principle "Democracy needs transparency". The concept of the "Landtagswein" label is based on the architecture of the plenary hall. The circular seating arrangement of this hall with a ceiling made up of many layers of circles are combined in a graphic, which with different printing methods is resulting in an interesting effect.

Statement of the jury

The Hessian State Parliament surprises with its own wine brand, the »Landtagswein«. The wine, which comes from the Rheingau region, is produced by the winery of Geisenheim University. The wine school enjoys an excellent international reputation and has already produced several renowned winemakers. The jury would have liked to have judged the wine as well, but the focus here is exclusively on the label design. This impressively captures the identity of the Hessian State Parliament through the graphical representation of the architectural seating arrangement that is reduced to the essentials. And it does so not only while remaining serious but also in an extremely concise and high-quality manner. This task could hardly have been solved better.


Excellent Communications Design



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