Firemill – a completely new type of fire extinguisher. Firemill is the world’s first »quickstinguisher«. It is used with a twist and powered by a regular CO2 cylinder. This makes Firemill clean, easy to refill and thus possible to practice with before a real fire occurs. Firemill is a complement to your normal fire extinguisher, designed to be placed on the kitchen countertop, where it’s easy to reach in case of emergency.

Statement of the jury

Cooking is all the rage nowadays, even with an open fire, whether on a gas cooker in the kitchen or on an outdoor grill. But in such cases, for safety’s sake it’s essential to have a fire extinguisher ready to hand. Unlike conventional fire extinguishers, the Firemill impresses with its elegant, decorative design – thus enabling the apparatus to be visible and within easy reach, without creating an eyesore. And of course using the Firemill is simple and intutive; and what makes it particularly appealing is that the user has the option to only fill it with carbon dioxide in order to try the product out – which we also did. The Firemill is easy to refill after use. An innovative and straightforward product that addresses both safety and lifestyle issues.


Excellent Product Design