Viña Dorada

Viña Dorada


With a name like Viña Dorada (»Golden Vineyard«), it was clear to us that the design of this collection of wines with appellation of origin Terra Alta had to be bright. In order to represent the constant bath of sunlight of its vineyards, we created a series of icons with the sunrise and the sunset from different parts of the land, and encapsulated them in their purest expression: geometry. Thus mountains, rivers, seas, and even eclipses embrace the key of this unique wine: the sun.

Statement of the jury

Here, graphics depict the various positions of the sun with consummate artistry. Also, the use of gold endows the design with an elegant look while at the same time poetically evoking the golden light that the sun casts on the vineyard. Beautifully done.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design