It began with one painting. This traditional Japanese-style painting is called »Yozakura Gekka« by H. Senju, featuring a weeping cherry in the moonlight. The owner asked for a private space for it, where he could dwell quietly and feel the beauty of falling petals, in a simple but elegant space. To honour the owner’s love for the painting and cherry blossoms, the concept for this project was to make the painting the centre of the house, rather than creating a space to exhibit it.

Statement of the jury

As poetic as it is puristic, the design conveys an unbelievable degree of calm and concentration on the essentials. The interior design is strictly based on a painting depicting the Japanese cherry blossom. To this end, the living areas have been divided into the four seasons and designed accordingly. Spring is reserved for the room where the painting hangs.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture