ITIC – Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

ITIC – Industrial Technology Investment Corporation


In 2017, ITIC decided it wanted to invest more globally, but it was unknown outside of Taiwan. The website had to change that. We first spoke to ITIC’s 20+ investors to find the key differentiator: ITIC’s expertise in hard technology. This became the site’s opening slogan and overall story flow. And we copywrote in English first for a global focus. Then our UI/UX designer custom-built a unique visual style to convey the hard tech focus. The site has won CSS Design Awards and Design Awards Asia.

Statement of the jury

The site starts with aesthetic images that prime the user emotionally for the topics of the future and high tech. This website, with its ultra-modern and contemporary technical and visual elements, follows a nice and clear, logical navigation and content structure that consistently complements the focus on high tech.


Excellent Communications Design