AV Center Apartment

AV Center Apartment


Located in the heart of the historic City of Zagreb, in a palace overlooking the famous Zrinjevac park and its fountains, on the second floor lays the 200 sqm apartment. I designed this apartment for me and it was a test polygon for all the new technology I wanted to implement in my other projects in the future. With the wooden floors like a deck on Riva boats, the ambient light to the Onyx marble floors and complete silence with the four-layer glass windows. Welcome to the architect’s home.

Statement of the jury

The sophisticated design concept combines fine, high-quality materials with exclusive furniture to create a stylish, elegant interior. The different areas of the flat are clearly separated visually. Nevertheless, the impression of spaciousness is preserved thanks to high ceilings, transparent dividers and almost gate-like openings.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture