IDC® LONGWALK dog harness

IDC® LONGWALK dog harness


The specialty of the new design lies in the curved shape of the padding resting on the dog’s back and chest as well as in the highlighting of the lively colour combinations by the dark material edge. The sportiness of the saddle part is enhanced by the colourful design of the handle, as well as by the transparent cover of the new joint-friendly Duo-Flex® System on the IDC® LONGWALK dog harness.

Statement of the jury

Strong, well thought out and pragmatic, the LONGWALK dog harness presents in an ergonomic Y-shape. The harness convinces through exceeding comfort, combined with smart security. The use of innovative materials apparently results in a product that not only aids in the control of dogs, but also ensures that the impact of activities does not adversely affect their health.


Excellent Product Design
Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure