The plastic ATRA chair is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The frame design is well integrated with the perforated seating unit, assuring elegance and sturdiness. The seating unit connects to the back and the armrest, providing an ergonomic and efficient user experience. The two-part structure provides a wide range of colour choices and makes the chair compatible with any spatial design. It’s easy to assemble and stackable, whether assembled or unassembled.

Statement of the jury

The ATRA plastic chair has an attractive modern design, which makes it stand out from the crowd. A special feature is the seat separated from the frame body, which produces an interesting contrast in the two-colour design. Another advantage is that in the event of damage, only the part affected has to be replaced, as opposed to the entire chair, which saves costs and is sustainable. The chair has been well thought-out down to the last detail, both formally and functionally. With its attractive cost-benefit ratio, almost anyone can afford it, which underlines the democratic design approach.


Excellent Product Design
Gardening and Outdoor Living