Flexxica Acoustic ecoPET Bell

Flexxica Acoustic ecoPET Bell


Flexxica Acoustic ecoPET Bell is a family of oversize light fittings dedicated to office spaces. The main innovation lies in joining: the functionality of high-quality light sources with a dazzle-free construction, protecting the users’ eyes; acoustic properties of lampshade that absorb sounds and improve the room’s acoustic properties; eco-material, which is made from recycled PET bottles; tongue and groove assembly technique. Despite their strong visuals, they create a cozy atmosphere.

Statement of the jury

The decorative »Flexxica Acoustic ecoPET Bell« combines a special lighting atmosphere with sound insulation and sustainability in a holistic design approach. The central design element is thick, acoustically effective slats made of recycled PET bottles. The slats form the shape of a bell with light both shining downwards and penetrating through the spaces between the slats. The way in which functionality and form merge into a product with its own unmistakable identity, while also addressing the issue of sustainability, makes the design exemplary in every respect.


Excellent Product Design