XTEND redefines the ordinary concept of a bathtub: made of carbon fibre and cut using high pressure waterjet technology, it combines design, functionality and comfort. Folded: a 7 kg light, 8.5 mm thin, space-saving plate that lends itself to mobile use. Filled with water: its structure demonstrates outstanding craftsmanship as well as digital manufacturing; its soft padded, machine washable fabric inlay provides a new bathing experience. XTEND unfolds into a design object.

Statement of the jury

This unusual bathtub surprises with an innovative design feature, as it can be folded flat when it isn’t being used or when it needs to be transported. Made from carbon and fabric, it also has a very lightweight construction. The only thing required to make it work is a water supply somewhere close by. A sensationally designed product with that “wow” effect, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Excellent Product Design