AMT Gastroguss BBQ Grill und Plancha-Platte

AMT Gastroguss BBQ Grill und Plancha-Platte


The AMT BBQ-Grill and Plancha plate, a multi-talent in a timeless classic style, packed in a decorative box. Used on the grill, oven (+ induction), grilling at the table, as a GN in a steam cooker or as a serving plate it represents untold opportunities for the private cooker or in the gastronomy. Energy-efficient and short heatup times. The unique patent-pending ribbed design guarantees perfect barbecue results. Tasty steaks and healthy grilled vegetables makes the enjoyment of low-carb perfect. Non-stick surface by Lotan®-coating and a fat-free preparation.

Statement of the jury

With its striking grill-rib pattern, this outdoor grill has an elegant and contemporary look and feel, and features a generously proportioned grilling surface. The grill, which is constructed of injection-moulded aluminium endowed with a special anti-stick coating, will undoubtedly deliver excellent grilling results.


Excellent Product Design