Uncork, pour out and enjoy: in addition to perfect functionality, the design language of the entire Baric collection is just as elegant as each individual accessory. Each product is developed as a real tool which functions reliably and precisely, and, at the same time, is easy to use. High-quality materials and an extremely careful manufacturing process make each part of the collection a premium product with an elegant design. Thus the enjoyment of every drop becomes a multiple pleasure.

Statement of the jury

The best time to enjoy a fine bottle of wine is when one takes one’s time in doing so. But the joy of wine drinking doesn’t begin with the first sip, but rather when the bottle is opened and the wine is decanted. And needless to say, a ritual of this nature requires a suitable implement – such as the magnificently designed Baric wine accessory collection, which works perfectly with a broad range of wines. Each item in the collection is carefully made of high-quality materials and is a sensual experience unto itself from both a formal and tactile standpoint. Plus each object is a joy to behold and meets the highest aesthetic standards. A superb collection that makes the joy of wine drinking a perfect experience.


Excellent Product Design