Denkmal am Breitscheidplatz Berlin

Denkmal am Breitscheidplatz Berlin


The terrorist attack at Breitscheidplatz divided the life of many people into Before and After. The day engraved itself in the collective memory. A crack runs through Breitscheidplatz, a crack that is filled with a golden bronze alloy. The wounds of the attack are visible, but simultaneously are healed. The ritual meaning of gold transcends the boundaries of nations and religions. The names of the victims are engraved on the risers of the steps. They are forever connected with the place.

Statement of the jury

The Breitscheidplatz in Berlin is the heart of Berlin. 2016 happend here a horrible attack, this attack divided the life of many people in »before and after«. The new memorial, on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin commemorates the many people who lost their lives that day. But no tall concrete monument marks the site, the design Team Merz Merz have the idea to repair this crack with a golden bronce alloy. The Name of the victims are engraved into the rises of the sep, they are forvever connectetd to this place. This unusual approach to the event goes much deeper than any monumental structure could. A statement as courageous as it is sensitive, one that expresses exactly what has occurred in people’s hearts and minds since then – and not only in Berlin. When you experience this memorial, you are deeply touched.


Excellent Communications Design
Urban Space and Infrastructure



HG Merz, Sophie Merz