Jelbi – Eine für alle

Jelbi – Eine für alle


Jelbi, the BVG’s new intermodal mobility-as-a-service platform, connects Berlin’s public transport with a wide range of shared mobility services – in one single app and at mobility hubs throughout the city. Flexible, convenient, sustainable. A versatile design system with a characteristic pattern, inspired by traffic routes, intersections and dynamic movements, as its most striking element visualises the brand promise »Simply better on the move« and the values »connective, casual, clever«.

Statement of the jury

In view of rapidly growing cities, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has developed a climate-friendly strategy for their city that combines public transport with a variety of sharing offers and mobility hubs across the city into one app. Inspired by the city’s traffic routes and with its abstract pattern of dots, lines and arcs, it is not by chance that the attention-grabbing brand design is reminiscent of a city map. The black graphic on a yellow background provides a strong contrast. A contemporary, characteristic, highly-recognisable brand design, which together with the simple pictograms and the »Jelbi« wordmark (everything was consistently developed from the same elements as the pattern) is easy to understand, arouses curiosity, looks cool and casual and offers flexible application possibilities. Its young, fresh style fits perfectly with the capital.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity