The Kulturhuef cultural centre is arranged around a courtyard, formed by a simple square which we opened up by adding three triangular notches for the three activities of the centre. This lead to the letter K for Kulturhuef and Kultur. The colour of the logo can easily be adapted to distinguish the three activities. The typographic choice was made for Akzidenz Grotesk, a great classic in print. Among other things, a permanent exhibition on the history of printing is shown in the Kulturhuef.

Statement of the jury

Through the deletion of little triangles on three sides, the letter »K« has been created from a square that becomes a distinctive logo when combined with the font. A strong signet that represents the cinema, museum and bistro areas through simple colour-coding. The result is a minimalistic, timelessly elegant design that is suited to a range of communicative uses thanks to its practical square form. Brilliantly executed.


Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity