Hahn Gruppe Geschäftsbericht 2018

Hahn Gruppe Geschäftsbericht 2018


The task required the creation of an annual report in two parts, consisting of image and financial sections. Both parts should be used in a set and also individually. We decided on the connection with a banderol. The annual report was printed on high-quality Roemerturm paper. Both paperback envelopes received a partial gloss finish. The theme »People, Markets, On the Move« was consistently illustrated with one-line illustrations.

Statement of the jury

The striking one-line illustrations appear modern and lively, reflecting the report’s motto in a comprehensible way. The connection of the two volumes using the banderole was also a clever solution. In addition, there is a clearly structured and reader-friendly layout which, with its high proportion of white and discreet use of corporate colour, succeeds in embedding the content within a modern, friendly and serious framework.


Excellent Communications Design