BATTOR | The Better Bitter

BATTOR | The Better Bitter


The main focus of the design is on the main ingredient: the bitter orange. It therefore has a prominent place on the label. The shapes of the other ingredients are reduced to an absolute minimum. The colour palette was carefully chosen to stand out amongst other brands. On top of that, the blue and orange are the colours of the House of Orange-Nassau, a subtle wink to the Luxembourgish origins of the product. Adding a golden hot foil and embossing gives it a luxurious look.

Statement of the jury

The boldly executed design shows the bitter orange in a highly abstract, yet clearly recognisable form. A label lavishly finished with gold and embossing technology, which owes part of its high-quality impression to the combination of blue and orange, refers winkingly to the aristocratic Luxembourg house of Orange-Nassau.


Excellent Communications Design