Shoukai Vanke Daxing Office Tower

Shoukai Vanke Daxing Office Tower


While the 125 m tall office tower serves as a quality space for work, it offers a wider range of activities as part of a 157,000 sqm mixed use project. The triangular shape is simply the result of a series of pragmatic decisions. It maximises views towards the newly built park, while from other angles we wanted the tower to look elegant and slim. The tips of the triangle serve as exterior »sky balconies« on every second level and were conceived as a »gift« to the future tenants.

Statement of the jury

With its distinctive triangular form, the office tower looks highly individual. Viewed from different perspectives, the building looks surprisingly slim and elegant. The relaxation areas in the corners of the triangle are a lovely addition for employees. They make up a further striking building feature that distinguishes it optically from the remaining glass facade. An interesting piece of architecture that looks very modern and extraordinary.


Excellent Architecture