Don Majestic Hotel

Don Majestic Hotel


The Don Majestic Hotel is a new hotel in Punta del Este, designed by Guevara Ottonello Architects. When designing the hotel, the main objective was to create a sculptural, singular and unique architectural shape. An innovative design. Light and transparency, as a pure and curved shape, are the main aspects of the project. In the Don Majestic Hotel, the main challenge was to design the sculptural shape of a Punta del Este Architectural Icon with poetry, courage and passion.

Statement of the jury

The round form, which tapers slightly from the middle both downwards as well as upwards endows the design with sculptural aesthetics. An interesting, timelessly elegant building, whose iconic appearance becomes even more impressive thanks to its striking slats, which separate the continuously glazed floors from each other.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture