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LAMILUX Flachdach Fenster FE 3°

LAMILUX Flachdach Fenster FE 3°


The look of the new LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE 3° is consistently homogeneous – without unwelcome connecting elements. The 3° inclination of the frame allows for rainwater and dirt to run off all four sides of the even level surface. The invisible integration of drives, the variety of customised special shapes as well as a wide variety of glazing and sizes up to 2.5 m with freely selectable colouring offer creative leeway in terms of design.

Statement of the jury

The new LAMILUX Flat Roof Window FE 3° manages without visible connecting elements, giving it a pleasantly clear and clean effect that allow it to blend harmoniously into many modern architecture styles. A neatly designed product that is impressive in both form and function, right down to the last detail.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Building and Elements