Beqooni Kinderwagen

Beqooni Kinderwagen


The moment when you look into your baby’s eyes for the first time is indescribable. A feeling that we have expressed with every function of the Beqooni stroller. With innovations that inspire and an individual design for the magic of every moment. The Beqooni is faithfully at your side and reliably cares for both of you. It is lovingly self-explanatory and environmentally conscious as a matter of course. This love extends from today into the future.

Statement of the jury

Stable, compact and aesthetic, the stroller combines comfort, style and environmental awareness. Bursting with functionality, the product fulfils a myriad of needs for parents, while smart use of materials ensures its environmental credentials are, on the face of it, second to none.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care