Pendelstehsitz für Schienenfahrzeuge

Pendelstehsitz für Schienenfahrzeuge


Our entry is about a multifunctional seat concept for the local public rail transport with the aim to provide a universal answer for increasing capacity needs. The new, so called “pendulum seat”, can be modified remotely controlled at the train driver’s cockpit, to raise capacity at peak times and to offer a higher comfort during less busy times. A seating solution like this is an outstanding novelty in railway business. Therefore we have registered it as a patent with the European Patent Office.

Statement of the jury

The innovative pendulum stand-up seat for use in public transport offers pleasant seating comfort and can simply be folded up by the driver for more space in the passenger compartment when there are more passengers, while still providing support when standing.


Excellent Product Design
Aviation, Maritime and Railway


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