Haubentaucher Berlin Website

Haubentaucher Berlin Website


In the summer of 2020, the Revaler Riviera in Berlin received UV protection for its skin and UX perfection for its website. Task: a new complexion for the design, to lay the day-to-day business in the blazing midday sun, prices & opening hours that can be identified even with sunglasses, to push the workout offers and place the corporate events into the front row of the B2B area. When Berlin's most unusual summer location invites us to a professional dive, we only had to ask: How deep can we go?

Statement of the jury

The »Haubentaucher Berlin« website not only makes the USP of the party location recognizable at first sight, but is also made as cool as a refreshing dive into the pool.


Excellent Communications Design




Frederik & Labots WA GmbH