ECO 6L Filtered Water Bottle

ECO 6L Filtered Water Bottle


The Eco 6L bottle is reusable and refillable in ECO Filtration Fountains, leading to more sustainable water consumption: consumers can buy a bottle once and reuse it many times. It is made of recyclable PET (BPA-free), with a UV filter that protects water from sunlight, preserving its properties. You can store it in any fridge due to its ready-to-serve countertop functionality. A dispensing closure & tap ensures the best user experience in the horizontal position.

Statement of the jury

Thanks to its special shape, the »ECO 6L Filtered Water Bottle« can be placed on its side. In combination with the practical tap, the water can be conveniently extracted down to the last drop. The fact that the bottle can be refilled many times is appealing.


Excellent Communications Design


NWP New Water Project Lda


Logoplaste Innovation Lab