CT62 Coffee Dripper Set

CT62 Coffee Dripper Set


CT62 Coffee dripper: surface texture inspired by "Shanwen armor" of Tang Dynasty, inner grooves of 12 long,12 short & a circled groove at the lower end to ensure the coffee flow. The 62 ° cone shape dripper a true fit for filter paper. Bamboo Tripod: allows space for spoon sampling during brewing. Ergonomic Handle Mug: tulip shape to retain heat & aroma, convex bottom helps to blend. All efforts is to improve the taste & aesthetics. Tech.Support: Yuan Cheng “Jake” Hu, chief judge WCE world coffee competition organization.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design


Dragonfly Design Center
Jeff Dayu Shi , Dragonfly Design Center
Yuan Cheng "Jake" Hu of Taster's Coffee Taiwan