Äike Model T

Äike Model T


Äike T is the world’s only electric vehicle that can be charged with a regular USB-C laptop charger. It is also the world’s most connected scooter with full IoT connectivity and the only kickscooter that is made outside of China. The sleek design, user-friendly features, removable battery and high customizability make it the stepping stone to transforming to world towards high quality electric scooters.

Statement of the jury

E-scooters are especially popular in urban areas. The arguments are obvious, because with the small, agile scooters you can get from A to B in a flash. And if they are also foldable, they can even be conveniently taken along on public transport and thus become a practical solution for the last mile. However, e-scooters also need energy. The »Äike T« e-scooter developed in cooperation with ZANZOTTI INDUSTRIAL DESIGN can be conveniently charged with a normal USB-C charger for laptops, which makes it unique. At the same time, the scooter can be used to charge your mobile phone. And the removable battery is also an advantage. The fact that »Äike T« offers complete IoT connectivity shows how future-oriented the design, which is also convincing in terms of aesthetics, has been thought-out down to the last detail.


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