Aqseptence Group

Aqseptence Group


In spring 2016, Bilfinger sold its »Water Technologies« unit. A completely new umbrella brand needs to be developed. The new name, »Aqseptence«, combines the words »Aqua«, »Separation« and »Competence«, referring to the core business of water and separation technology. The strong logo, visualising that very same idea, the striking contrast between the »progressive green«, white and black, and the distinctive layout system combine to create an outstanding and self-confident brand identity.

Statement of the jury

The design, whose derivation from the theme of water is readily discernible, has a high visual impact and features superb content. A strong corporate design with an extremely high-quality look and feel that superbly conveys the company’s unwavering commitment to modernity, competence and corporate responsibility.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity