La Diana

La Diana


Diana is an exercise in visually, volumetrically and functionally linking two independent and alienated entities. The architectural strategy was based on drilling the existing slab to create a large enough opening to activate the relationship in section between the two floors, and in which the stairs are placed. The lack of intimacy provided by the groundfloorness was approached by generating a semi-exterior patio as a filter between the street and the interior.

Statement of the jury

The house’s design captivates with an exciting contrast between old stone walls, white surfaces, elegant wood, metal, concrete and light-flooded windows. Equally impressive is the use of the available space, which, after a generous ceiling opening, extends across two floors and a patio. Despite the limited space, the architecture appears tidy, spacious, bright and pleasantly friendly. A strong combination of the visible surroundings and modern design, which succeeds at a high level in terms of design and which lends the interior a harmonious, exclusive atmosphere – not too clean, simple and very caring detailed.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture