Ifö Ohm

Ifö Ohm


Ohm is a family of light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables. Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes reference the company’s century-long legacy. The unique pressed porcelain technique allows fine precision details alongside outstanding durability – neither wind, water nor strong sunlight will change the glazed surface of Ohm. The fixtures can be equipped with several choices of light sources, depending on demand.

Statement of the jury

The weatherproof IP44 Ifö Ohm luminaire series not only impresses with its clear, timelessly elegant design, which creates a beautiful silhouette, but also with its versatility in indoor and outdoor use. Constructed from a cylindrical, gently rounded porcelain body inspired by classic ceramic insulators and sockets and a shade of opal or clear glass as a counterpart, the luminaires have a pleasant, sleek appearance. The high-quality craftsmanship, which can be seen in the series and which can also be felt thanks to the ceramics used, is impressive. A series of luminaires, cleanly designed down to the last detail, which interprets classic Scandinavian design in a modern way, which produces a beautiful, pleasant light and which blends harmoniously into many environments and living styles, whether as wall, ceiling, façade or table luminaires. These luminaires have what it takes to become a new classic.


Excellent Product Design