DJ – Spaceman

DJ – Spaceman


DJ Spaceman is an electronic music artist. Samples of his music has been used by world-class DJs such as Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. In the Spaceman logo, the word SPACE intersects with the word MAN and is surrounded by four diagonal lines symbolising the DJ behind his mixing booth. The four lines can spin on their own axis and represent the twisting adjustment knobs on the DJ mixer. The spinning lines are used to create energetic patterns illustrating the movement of his concert audience.

Statement of the jury

The logo clearly shows the company name and integrates the characteristic aesthetic of mixing desk buttons coherently into the design. The way the brand image consistently takes up the diagonal lines, dynamically combining them with the loud contrasting colour composition, is highly recognisable and creates an individual unmistakable identity that absolutely does justice to modern DJ music.


Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity


DJ – Spaceman