Tropical Hangout

Tropical Hangout


The Tropical Hangout is a hammock construction consisting of three bamboo poles and three hammocks. Its unique design catches people’s attention and makes them wonder how the construction works, since it looks as if the three poles are floating. The bamboo poles are made out of Guadua bamboo, also known as one of the strongest bamboo types. It’s an ideal hangout for you to enjoy with friends, listen to some music or let your imagination take you to a deserted tropical island.

Statement of the jury

Innovative and eye catching, the bamboo support poles are seemingly in a self-supporting synergy that appears to defy the eye. Instantly recognisable, the Tropical Hangout extends the basic functionality of a hammock to provide three people with a comfortable place of relaxation, making it useful to families, groups of friends or leisure-based businesses. 


Excellent Product Design
Gardening and Outdoor Living