Design of Gender Neutral Icon for Restrooms.

Design of Gender Neutral Icon for Restrooms.


We designed an icon that is humane, truly inclusive, and respectful. Binary elements were eliminated to make it non-conformist, while the dot makes it iconic, universal and differentiating. Its simplicity ensures high recall value and worldwide acceptance. In India, it will be accompanied by Hindi and English text that says ‘Gender Neutral’ catering to binary, non-binary, transgender, agender, genderqueer, pangender, gender non-conformist, and others. One of its first applications is at India’s most significant avenue at New Delhi - the Kartavya Path, the Central Government’s seat of administration, also the site of the Republic Day Parade.

Statement of the jury

Lopez Design has come up with a superbly designed proposal for labelling gender-neutral WCs. Derived from the existing male & female icons, the new sign does away with the binary elements that affect only the lower half. The upper half has been retained, making the accustomed form more recognisable. A dot in the middle makes the new sign an icon in its own right. Although an additional written note regarding the gender-neutral meaning is still recommended in the beginning, the sign was so clear and simple that the public learning process means that an explanation will become less and less necessary over time since the sign is self-explanatory. A strong inclusive contribution.


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