Maison Fibre

Maison Fibre


Maison Fibre explores an alternative approach to the design and construction of future habitable spaces. The full-scale inhabitable installation constitutes the very first multi-story structure of its kind made entirely from robotically produced, fibrous building elements. It offers visitors of the Venice Architecture Biennale the intense material experience and spatial expression of future, highly dematerialized structures, where each building element can be locally made from just a few kilos of construction material.

Statement of the jury

With the »Maison Fibre«, researchers at the University of Stuttgart are demonstrating what the construction of buildings could look like in future. The prototype, which was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2021, is impressive not only because of its unusual aesthetics, but also because the multi-story pavilion was constructed from robotically manufactured building elements based on fibers. Only a few kilograms of material are needed to manufacture the individual modules on site. Although the intelligently designed structure appears light and almost dematerialized thanks to the wickerwork, it still meets all the requirements for stability and robustness. In times of scarce living space, lack of resources and the problem of concrete as a climate killer, future projects such as the »Maison Fibre« are becoming a beacon of hope.


Excellent Architecture
Eco Design


IntCDC Universität of Stuttgart / FibR GmbH, Stuttgart


ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart