FRAME is a TV wall solution. The "Frame" serves as the visual focal point of the room. The open shelves can be electrically slid to both sides and hidden to switch to theater mode to meet the needs of the room in different scenarios. Always bring the ultimate visual presentation. The Collision of the materials of carbon fiber, metal and stone combined with the all-electric movement brings users a luxurious and magical experience.

Statement of the jury

With the »FRAME«, the shelf can be electronically moved completely behind the ceiling-high wall elements to make room for a big-screen TV experience. The use of high-quality materials underlines the demand for a luxurious living and furnishing style.    


Excellent Product Design


Vifa Customized Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.


Yang lian, Liu xiqiang
Xiong Hao, Kong Chengxiang, Guo Ziyuan, Wang Hanqing, Chen Qingfeng