Kodomonomori Nursery Comorebi terrace Matoba

Kodomonomori Nursery Comorebi terrace Matoba


Nursery school in Fukuoka prefecture. The design follows the traditional crafts of Hakata-ori and Hakata Magemono, and by incorporating Hakata's history and traditions, we have created a building that will make you feel attached to the city. In addition, the roof and eaves reminiscent of Japanese architecture harmonize with the surrounding area and have become a symbol of the area. It has become a nursery school where you can grow and pass on history and culture, and create new culture and value.

Statement of the jury

The beautifully designed Kodomonomori Kindergarten in Fukuoka Prefecture combines striking design elements of traditional Japanese construction with modern architecture to create a friendly, bright and inspiring place that makes reference to the region with its culture and where children can develop freely and carefree.


Excellent Architecture