i-Ctrl The Wireless Smart Home Device

i-Ctrl The Wireless Smart Home Device


i-Ctrl turns your home into a smarthome. Traditional remote control only functions when you are at home. i-Ctrl solves this: Easy to set up and user-friendly, it enables smart control for all traditional devices with unlimited remote control range from your smartphone to your house using 3G/4G internet. Built-in schedule and macro functions. You can also use voice through Google Home or Alexa to control home devices with i-Ctrl. i-Ctrl is on a mission to make traditional home appliances smart.

Statement of the jury

The i-Ctrl serves as a central interface for connecting the smartphone with traditional devices based on conventional infrared remote control, thus enabling them to be operated even more conveniently, e.g. by voice command. The device also puts an end to the mish-mash of remote controls on the coffee table. A clever solution that is also a decorative eye-catcher thanks to its striking lens-shaped design.


Excellent Product Design
Building Elements